Bimatoprost Action mechanism

Approved by FDA in the year 2001. Bimatoprost is the most effective solution comes in this category of prostaglandin analogs. Applied once a day to the eyes for 7 days and which should be carried for 4 weeks, Bimatoprost is an ocular hypotensive agent that helps in controlling intraocular pressure (IOP), ocular hypertension, and glaucoma.

Careprost works by controlling the fluid outflow from your eyes and saves your eyes from the dangerous outcome of glaucoma.
Comes in drug class Prostaglandin, it slightly controls the flow of aqueous humor. The aqueous humor flow rate during the day can be 13% and during the time of night, it can be around 14%.

Bimatoprost Product Benefits

Bimatoprost is one of the globally accepted solutions for eye problems. With minimum side effects and maximum benefits, these are famous in the market.
Your eyes with the eyelashes are the primary attraction of your face, increasing the facial beauty, With easy access in the market or online, normally prescribed by the doctors.
Can be very useful in placebo effects and increase your appearance makes you more confident and appealing. This helps you increase the number of your eyelids.

Due to its components, Carisoprodol is one of the most prescribed drugs to treat glaucoma or a person suffering from insufficient eyelids with minimum side effects, making it the most popular Prostaglandin class drug worldwide.

Dosages and storage of Bimatoprost

Clean your hands properly before applying the solution to the eye to avoid any unwanted infection. Apply Bimatoprost onto the upper eyelid, with the base of the eyelashes where they grow out from the skin.
Applied once in a day to the eyes for 7 days and which should be carried till 4 weeks and the difference can be observed after the completion of 4 weeks course.
Talk to your doctor, pharmacist or medical expert for the perfect order and quantity which should be used as the dosing of these medications can be different for different patients depending on their age, gender and other medical conditions.
A new applicator should be used for each eye and the applicator should be thrown away after use.
Clean the excess solution around the eyelid.
Store the medication in the container it comes with sealed properly away from the reach of the children. Always keep it in a cool and dry place preferably at room temperature.
Preferable to keep in a refrigerator for longer use of bimatoprost.

Precautions of Bimatoprost

Consult your doctor before starting the course of this medication. Inform your doctor about the allergies and other medical situations you have, to avoid any adverse effects of the medication. Just after applying this drop avoid blinking and try to close your eyes for 2 minutes so that the solution can be absorbed properly for the best results.

Avoid using contact lenses while using Bimatoprost solution as the chemical structure of the solution can dissolve your lenses in your eyes.

In case of itching, redness, or swelling around the eyes, immediately stop using the solution and inform your doctor or medical admin about the issue. It might be the allergies caused by Careprost.

Always go through the user guide and read it carefully which comes along with the package to avoid any future complications.

Careprost Side Effects

The changes caused due to bimatoprost solution can be noticeable and be permanent once stopped using this solution.
Normally these solutions do not have any severe adverse effects, but few common side effects can be taken into consideration.

Listed below is the list of some common side effects of these bimatoprost solutions.
Burning Eyes
Eye Pain or Irritation
Itchy Eyes
Dry Eyes
Eye Tearing
There are few serious side effects of these solutions in case one experiences such conditions immediately consult your doctor and take medical assistance.
Sensitivity to Light
Pink Eye
Redness or Swelling of the Eyelid